Why Dental Implants Are The Best Tooth Replacement Option

In the past, replacing a missing tooth was a job reserved for traditional dentures or bridges. These tooth replacement options were dental implantsusually removable and required additional steps on your at-home oral care routine. However, thanks to modern dentistry, you can replace your teeth permanently and effectively, whether you have one gap or a whole arch of missing teeth. Learn more about dental implants with help from Westerly, RI dentists, Dr. Mourad Rahim and Dr. Soha Alkoka, at Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry.

The Benefits of Dental Implants
Filling in your gaps to overhaul your smile is perhaps the biggest pro of dental implants. However, implants also provide more subtle benefits. Missing teeth can cause the bone to atrophy, eventually causing sagging facial muscles and premature aging. Dental implants provide the bone underneath them the adequate stimulation to remain healthy. Implants also keep your surrounding healthy teeth from drifting or moving due to the gap between them. Implants can also make your smile go from one you feel self-conscious of to one that you love. This, in turn, boosts confidence and allows you to feel good about not just your smile but yourself as well. The resulting self-esteem boost can make social interactions easier and first impressions stronger.

Am I a good candidate for dental implants? 
This is one of the first questions your dentist will address. It is important for dental implant candidates to have an excellent at-home oral care routine. Failed dental implants are mostly linked to poor dental hygiene, making this part of the process crucial to the health of your implants. Additionally, implants require adequate jawbone to hold the implant in place. Missing teeth cause bone atrophy, meaning that you may require a bone grafting procedure before the placement of your implants. Finally, dental implants require appointments with an oral surgeon or a gum specialist.  The appointments include placing the implant inside the jaw and suturing over it.  Four to six months later the implant is uncovered for your restorative dentist to place the abutment and crown over the implant.  Candidates should be in good dental and general health to undergo this procedure.

Dental Implants in Westerly
Dental implants last a lifetime with the proper care and are a permanent part of your smile. Depending on the patient and their situation, dental implants can replace one, many, or all of the teeth. Dental implants often work well in conjunction with other restorative or cosmetic dental procedures like dental veneers or teeth whitening.

For more information on dental implants, please contact Dr. Rahim and Dr. Alkoka at Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry in Westerly, RI. Call (401) 596-7707 to schedule your consultation for dental implants today!

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